Time to fill up! Rockford gas prices have officially dipped under $2 a gallon. It is a summer miracle, and we should all absolutely take advantage of it.

Sharing cheap gas prices with you is one of my favorite things about our website. Because I'm excited to tell you about it and you're excited to hear it.

Gas prices are less than $2 a gallon! Just wanted to say that one more time in case you missed it above.

According to Illinois Gas Prices' website, there are at least three local gas stations where you can get gas super cheaply, and six other place where you can grab it on the cheap too.

Here are the locations:

  • BP 542 N Lyford Rd & E State St in Rockford, $1.97/gallon
  • CITGO 1602 N Alpine Rd & Highcrest in Rockford, $1.97/gallon
  • MEIJER 2011 N Perryville Rd & Rote Rd in Rockford, $1.99/gallon
  • BP 1630 Rural St & Prospect St in Rockford, $2.03/gallon
  • BP 1030 E State St & Jefferson St in Rockford, $2.05/gallon
  • Woodman's 3155 McFarland Rd Near Spring Brook Rd in Rockford, $2.09/gallon
  • Kelley's Market 1621 N Alpine Near Highcrest in Rockford, $2.19/gallon
  • Kelley's Market 321 N. Alpine Rd & Turner in Rockford, $2.19/gallon
  • Mobil 1344 E State & Summit St in Rockford, $2.19/gallon