Guys it finally paid off. I've spent over a decade on Twitter, scrolling aimlessly while I could be doing something productive, healthy, or even both. But instead of those things I choose to fill my brain with a random assortment of facts, trivia, and opinions from people across the globe. 99% of it is basically useless but once it a while it pays off and it paid off big Monday morning.

You've undoubtedly heard all the details of last night's slap in Hollywood. It was the most talked about slap on television since this horrible show was crammed down our necks.

I very much forgot that Brian Cox and Uma Thurman were in this.

The Oscar slap is kind of the perfect internet story. It has serious themes running through it. Bullying, violence, assault, family values, among others but in the end it's two bajillionaires getting into a tizzy during a televised party that celebrates other bajillionaires.

Did Chris Rock cross a line? Probably. Should Smith have walked up and smacked him? Probably not. Are there deeper issues at play here? Absolutely. Was it funny? Undoubtedly.

And this is where Twitter shines. The hottest takes, people making fun of people with hot takes, the people with hot takes not realizing that they're being ridiculous. And, of course, the memes.

Memes are what makes the internet go round and I'll put them up there with sliced bread. It's such an effective mode of communication that blends so many aspects of life, we'll probably look back on memes the way we look at cave drawings.

So in honor of the meme, we've created 7 Will Smith/Chris Rock memes that you will only understand if you're from Rockford.

The first three here are advertisement based. Kudos to all these businesses for having great marketing to make all these relatable.


It really is closer than you think.


I've been back many times just for the bread.


I've met Mr. C. Great guy. Incredible commercials. Is he actually crazy? Who knows, his fried chicken is crazy good and that's all I care about.


I'm pretty sure that ever since they stopped having the festival, we've actually had some decent Memorial Day weather.


Late night karaoke has claimed many better men than me.


It should never be forgotten what Isiah Thomas did to the CBA.


This isn't anything political but this comes up around Rockford every few years. Rail service from Rockford to Chicago would be great. It's just not financially viable. A new Amtrack line would be cost and time prohibitive to get to Chicago vs a bus and the Metra ain't making it out here anytime soon. Again, it would be great, but it's just not in the cards anytime soon.

What else did we miss? If enough people give us some feedback, there might be a part 2 to this blog. Let us know.

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