It'll probably rain anyway, so you might as well go shopping.

Memorial Day weekend. Summer pretends to start, but it always rains, so this year, be prepared for your back-up BBQ plan, with a shopping list.

There are some pretty great deals you can get this weekend, it really is a great time to hit the stores. Plus, it's not super crowded because some people just don't throw in the rain towel and try to BBQ in the storm.

So... where should you shop?

According to Fortune, you have quite a few places to choose from, whether you're looking for clothes, electronics or to save a few bucks on food.

Here are seven of those great deals that you can find in Rockford.

  • JCPenney: $10 off of $25 or more, bonus 25% off with your jCP card plus $25 off of $100 when you use the card
  • Kohl's: $10 off of $25 or more, plus $5 Kohl's cash for every $25 you spend
  • Macy's: $5 in Macy's Money for every $25 spent, plus 25% off
  • Best Buy: up to 40% off big appliances, free delivery over $400, and some deals include a free Google home
  • Home Depot: up to 40% off of appliances
  • Burger King: fruit smoothies and frappes for only $1 (12 ounces)
  • Outback Steakhouse: Military personnel and families will get discussions from Memorial Day though the 4th of July

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