Caught this list of "7 Health Flubs You Make Every Day" over the weekend. Fair warning: it's from Men's Health magazine, so some of tips are of a relatively personal nature, so to speak.

Yanik Chauvin, ThinkStock
Yanik Chauvin, ThinkStock

Chances are you violate this one all the time -- Don't Blow Your Nose:

Forcing mucous back into your sinuses creates pressure, messes with nasal ventilation and drainage, and could lead to infections, the study authors say. So instead of actively trying to force all that junk out of your sick nose, you're better off just wiping away the snot as it runs out, the study suggests.

And as we're on the topic of noses, there's this classic -- Don't Pick Your Nose:

Like plucking [nose] hairs, picking too frequently--or too enthusiastically--could lead to cuts or irritations, as well as infections, Dr. Glashofer explains. Tears of the "nasal septum" separating the nostrils are also common among guys who nose-mine for 30 minutes or more a day, shows a study from Wisconsin's Dean Foundation.

Despite the title of the piece, I would hope you are not making all of these flubs every day. In fact, there are a few I hope you never make, ever. You can figure out those all by yourself.

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