If you've ever met someone who doesn't live in the Rockford area and wonders why you are so apple orchard obsessed when Fall hits, just tell them it's because we're surrounded by 6 of the best apple orchards in Illinois so we have to be. That should shut them up real quick.

According to onlyinyourstate.com, these are the top 10 apple orchards to visit in Illinois for a perfect Fall day; look how many local favorites made the list:

  1. Edwards Apple Orchard - Poplar Grove, IL
  2. Libertyville Apple Orchard - Edwardsville, IL
  3. All Seasons Apple Orchard - Woodstock, IL
  4. Plank Road Orchard - Sycamore, IL
  5. Okay Valley Orchard - Sullivan, IL
  6. Tanners Orchard - Speer, IL
  7. Jonamac Orchard - Malta, IL
  8. Valley Orchard - Cherry Valley, IL
  9. Curran's Orchard - Rockford, IL
  10. Rendleman Orchards - Alto Pass, IL


Oh, how I love living in Rockford in the Fall! Make sure to check out one, or all of these amazing orchards very soon.



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