If you have one of these 50 names, you could become a super star.

Naming a child must be the most difficult job on the planet. You don't want to name it after the mean girl in high school, you don't want the initials to spell something silly or weird and now you have to think about whether or not your baby will have a career in that brings fame and fortune!

50 famous baby names
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MooseRoots.com put together the top 50 names that are destined for stardom. To determine the ranking, MooseRoots:

...Analyzed the first names of 23,797 male and 13,843 female celebrities (featured on television or film) born after 1950 to identify the most common names among superstars of each gender. By averaging the birth years of celebrities with a given name, we were able to compare name frequencies among celebrities against that of the general population born the same year. We've highlighted names with the highest relative frequencies among celebrities, and ranked the list from lowest to highest increased frequency among celebrities.

Does your name rank on the list? Mine doesn't so fame and fortune must not be in the cards for me.

  1. Sophie
  2. Isabelle
  3. Kate
  4. Bruno
  5. Simon
  6. Sebastian
  7. Josh
  8. Ed
  9. Matt
  10. Francesca
  11. Marina
  12. Rob
  13. Pierre
  14. Nick
  15. Graham
  16. Will
  17. Sam
  18. Ben
  19. Stefan
  20. Emma
  21. Max
  22. Alexandra
  23. Lucy
  24. Oliver
  25. Gabrielle
  26. Dave
  27. Jake
  28. Mia
  29. Charlie
  30. Alex
  31. Tom
  32. Dan
  33. Annie
  34. Nina
  35. Marco
  36. Phil
  37. Julian
  38. Eva
  39. Olivia
  40. Ana
  41. Caroline
  42. Anna
  43. Claudia
  44. Brooke
  45. Julia
  46. Joanna
  47. Jan
  48. Alison
  49. Charlotte
  50. Kim

Did your name rank on the list? If so, remember the little people when you become rich and famous!

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