Illinois State Police troopers went to help out a motorist in need, and within 10 minutes, had successfully delivered a baby boy on I-57.

It was just before midnight, and Roland Watkins knew he had a problem on his hands.

He was in the northbound lanes of I-57 with his very pregnant sister Stacy in the car. Stacy had gone into active labor, and they weren't close enough to a hospital to get there in time.

So, what's a guy to do? Well, you get yourself and your sister some help. Pronto.

Minutes before midnight, Roland Watkins pulled in front of two Illinois State Troopers conducting a traffic stop Sunday in the northbound lanes of I-57 near 111th Street, state police said in a statement.

"I never thought I would get the opportunity to deliver a baby on the side of the road so early in my career," Trooper Edgar Valdez De Leon said, a one-year veteran with ISP. "It was a high stress situation, but ... I was confident enough to use [my] training..."

Baby Carter Lee Smothers was transported, along with his mom, to a hospital by ambulance, police said.

The other trooper, eight-year veteran Michael Vodicka, was also commended for helping with the delivery, police said.

The troopers "were able to demonstrate their dedication to service when they handled this incident," state police District Chicago Cmdr. Margaret McGreal said.

In case you were unaware, this sort of thing happens all the time:

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