Completing your very first 5K (and don't worry mom and dad, this fun run is only 1.5 miles but you don't have to tell them that), and it doesn't matter how old you are, is a very big deal and such an accomplishment deserves to be celebrated.

The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is coming to Mercy SportScore 2 in Loves Park on July 30th and this is a an exciting opportunity for your child to learn about the benefits of being active; all while being thoroughly entertained and having fun.

They've already seen you do a 5K or two, that's probably the main reason they want to do it; but let's be honest, for those who do 5Ks regularly, you know that most of the fun comes after the race with those post-race celebrations. You've trained hard, you ran hard and now it's time to celebrate.

Just because they're young doesn't mean that they don't get their very own party after the race, which is why I've put together this list of the best ways to celebrate your child's finish at their very first 5K.

Get your child registered now for an unforgettable day at the Krazy Kids Insane Inflatable 5K.