Former Chicago Bear QB Jay Cutler is now a Miami Dolphin. Jay signed a one-year, $10 million deal with the Dolphins on Sunday. Miami can have these 5 things too.

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Dolphins starting QB Ryan Tannehill will likely need surgery to repair his left knee, so Jay Cutler was snatched out of retirement to fill that void. The Dolphins organization even dangled a $3 million incentives carrot in his face, to which he replied, "ok." (after removing the cigarette from his mouth of course).

5 Things That Aren't Jay Cutler Chicago Should Ship to Miami

1. All of our road construction

2. The White Sox... (maybe just their fans)

3. The ridiculous soda tax

4. We'll need a few dozen one way motor coach tickets for this last one but Miami can have our entire state government. #ByeFelicia

5. January and February