His playing was legendary, his style was all his own, and on August 26th 1990 he played his final show just a few miles north of us.

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton were doing a summer tour in 1990, and Alpine Valley was a stop locally on this tour. Sadly it would be the final show SRV would ever play.


After the show Stevie was in a helicopter, getting ready to leave Alpine Valley heading towards Chicago. The helicopter crashed into a nearby ski hill, and Stevie Ray Vaugh, three band members and the pilot were killed.


According to Wiki there were a few events leading up to the actual crash that makes this whole situation even more bizarre.

He spoke with band members the day before the crash, telling them he had a dream about his own funeral and seeing thousands of people attending.  Just prior to the helicopter taking off, his manager told SRV that the weather was getting worse and they should probably get going back to Chicago. Stevie told his drummer, "I love ya" and just like that Stevie Ray Vaughan was gone.


Here is a bootleg audio clip of SRV's final show at Alpine Valley doing Voodoo Chile:

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