This math problem is tricky, but it will make sense in the end...maybe.

Here's the drinky story:  Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin knows how to party! JournalTimes

O.K. so let me try to explain this complicated crash scene. It's filled with drifting, a vanishing act, and three OWI's handed out, but five total. I'm sorry to laugh at an accident, but honestly this entire story makes me chuckle.


Drinky number one in a Ford F250 drifted into another lane, striking drinky number two in a Yukon....head on collision, ouch. Along comes drinky number three in a Chevrolet Equinox approaching that accident, and BAM! You have three drunk drivers crashed into each other. But wait there's more...


Drinky number two (Yukon) had his vehicle fully engulfed in flames because of the accident. When police and EMT's arrived, drinky number two was nowhere to be found. He did turn up at a nearby hospital though.

Let's go to the board for the final score:


  • Kraig Herbrechtsmeir, 56, his third OWI offense
  • Christopher Sanchez, 33, first OWI offense
  • Herbert Aguirre-Lopez, 45, first OWI offense


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The one was seriously injured or died because of this, so that's a good thing. This strange happening took three drunk drivers off the road, another good thing. This is probably the most thrilling news story to ever happen in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin and I'm sure it will become legend in local coffee shops and bars.  "Hey aren't you one of those guys that got drunk and crashed into each other?"

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