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You might be looking at a record-setting tornado. The huge tornado that ripped through Manitoba on Monday was on the ground for almost 3 hours, and miraculously, no one was killed.

From USA Today:

The longest tornado recorded is the infamous Tri-State tornado that lasted for about 3.5 hours, ravaging the Midwest in March 1925 and leaving hundreds of people dead in its wake.

"The path length distance of the Manitoba tornado might be shorter, but the duration may be comparable," Randy Cerveny, rapporteur of climate and weather extremes for the World Meteorological Organization, said, referring to reports that the Canadian tornado may not have moved as far distance wise as the 1925 twister. 

How could a tornado be on the ground for that long and miss everyone and nearly everything?

The tornado tore a path through rural southwest Manitoba, reported Environment Canada, the Canadian version of the USA's National Weather Service. While it damaged trees, power poles, farms and roads, it missed every town in its path.

Environment Canada meteorologist Mike Macdonald called it a "rare" event because tornadoes rarely stay on the ground longer than a few minutes in Canada.

"To be on the ground for 2½ to three hours is phenomenal ... and to miss everything is basically a miracle," he told the CBC. 

Here's another man's video of the event:

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