We're not even a week into the new year and already big box stores and major retail chains are announcing that they're closing there doors all over the country.

Macy's plans on closing 70 stores nationwide; Sears and Kmart are also eliminating locations across the country...so what's next? It could be your favorite restaurant in Rockford.

Two for twenty, all day 2-for-1s and lunch in 15 minutes guaranteed might not be enough to save your favorite lunch or happy hour spot. According to Clark.com, these three restaurants in Rockford could face a very difficult 2017.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings


Nation's Restaurant News reports that you've basically been spending way too much money on beer and wings during Bears and Blackhawk games; UFC fights can't save them either. They've aggressively raised their prices over the years and had three quarters with negative same store sales in 2016.


2. Applebee's

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Applebee's efforts to change their image and serve meals that were considered to be a little more upscale didn't quite catch on with customers. I will say, though, if you haven't tried their new hand cut steaks, you're missing out. But Nation's Restaurant News says it's Applebee's who missed out on this one.


3. Chili's


This is the least likely chain to face difficulty in Rockford this year, but still, the thought of not having saucy baby back ribs and that chocolate molten cake is too much to bear. The good news is that Fitch Ratings says the biggest issue with Chili's and their sister restaurant, Maggiano's, is that many of these restaurants are in oil-producing states, and when those states face economic challenges, people don't eat out as often.



Would you be sad to see any of these go?

We're all trying to make changes in our lives this year, changes that include saving a little time, money and extra pounds from forming on our waistlines; which all could have an impact on how well these stores perform this year.

Looking on the bright side, this could mean that we'll see more restaurant deals in the coming year, which falls perfectly in line with your resolution to save more money this year.