There are many questions about a Rockford murder in 2014 that still haven't been answered, leaving family and friends without closure.

It's hard to imagine the pain and constant that goes along with wondering of what happened to a family member or friend that was murdered. That's something friends of Bobby O'Hern are still going through since his murder in 2014.

Three years ago today Rockford Police responded to a call about an male lying in an alley. According to a report, 46 year old Robert "Bobby" O'Hern was found dead with a single gun shot wound to the head.

Rock River Times confirmed Mr. O'Hern was discovered in the alley behind a house at 3215 Parkside Ave, where he lived, and there are no witnesses - or so it seems.

It is believed O’Hern was shot sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

If you have information, tips, or saw something in regard to Bobby's murder, please contact Rockford Police Department at (815) 987-5824 or Crime Stoppers at (815) 963-7867.

Bobby O'Hern's death remains a mystery and is one of the many cold cases in Illinois. Here are more murders that remained unsolved.


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