Two of our favorite things, 15th & Chris and Fred Van Vleet just merged into one amazing burger.

I mean those buns, though.

Yesterday, 15th & Chris announced that for the month of June they will be selling the 'Bet On Yourself Burger,' celebrating our hometown basketball star, Fred Van Vleet.

So what's in this delicious concoction? Cactus! But I promise it will be delicious and not hurt your mouth.

According to the Facebook announcement, the burger is made up of a, 'season beef patty, Swiss cheese, banana peppers, bacon, topped with a cactus- cilantro lime slaw, drizzled in our homemade bbq sauce.'

Fred Van Vleet isn't just a great burger name, in case you're new here, he is an NBA player who grew up in Rockford and continues to give back to the community in a bunch of amazing ways.

Including showing a radio DJ how to shoot three-pointers.

If you've never been to 15th & Chris, this might be the month to make a trip.

Side note, Ate One Five will be shopping by on Wednesday June 27, so come see us!

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