Welcome to 2015, everyone! Since we're all about being law-abiding citizens, we thought we'd catch you up on some new laws that went into effect here in the Land of Lincoln on January 1st, 2015.


1. E-Cigs

  • Must be kept behind store counters and out of reach from children.
  • Vapor refills must come in child-proof packaging.

2. Upped speed limits

  • The speed limit on the state’s tollways and interstates will increase to 70 mph; 60 mph for semis.

3. Traffic stops

  • No more ticket quota system for police.
  • If you get pulled over and are issued a ticket, your drivers license won’t be held as bond.

4. Pregnancy in the workplace

  • Employers must provide pregnant workers with reasonable accommodations, or else it’s a civil rights violation.

5. Homeowner damage disclosure

  • Home sellers must disclose any door or window damage, including:
    • flood damage
    • lead paint
    • asbestos
    • meth lab

6. Beer tax and milk definitions

  • The beer tax will extend to hard ciders.
  • Milk definition now includes sheep, water buffalo and other hooved animals.

7. Medical marijuana to treat seizures

  • Children who suffer from seizures can qualify for cannabidiol (CBD), which is an orally-administered liquid to treat epilepsy (not the leafy stuff).

8. Boating, boozing and hoisting orange flags

  • Those who boat under the influence will have their boats impounded.
  • If boat passengers are in the water, an orange flag must be raised to indicate the presence of swimmers.

9. School storm shelters

  • Newly constructed schools must have a storm shelter.

10. Privacy for crime victims

  • Strengthens security and privacy for the automatic system that notifies victims when their offenders are granted parole or released.

11. Use of drones

  • Police forces can use drones in the event of a natural disaster or public health emergency.

12. Punishing cyber bullies

  • School administrators can discipline students who bully their peers on personal devices, even if it’s not on school grounds.

13. Cold-blooded permits

  • Permits will be required for owners of venomous or other dangerous reptiles and amphibians.

14. New drug bans

  • Illegalizes synthetic drugs similar to LSD, such as “N-Bomb.”
  • The law is intended to prevent minors from possessing Kratom plants, which have opiate-like effects.

 15. Hunting bans

  • It is illegal to hunt, own or trade gray wolves, black bears and cougars.


None of those seem to be all that outrageous (at least upon first glance), so let's look at some stranger laws courtesy of John Green at Mentalfloss: