Beloit Passes New Vaping Ordinance
With health concerns about vaping being top-of-mind in Wisconsin (and the rest of the nation), the City of Beloit passed a vaping ordinance Tuesday night to limit the use of the product.
Changes Are Coming for the Lottery's Mega Millions
I used to ponder why I have never won a prize from the lottery. No big jackpots, no little ones, either. Why, I wondered, are all these people walking off with free tickets, hundred dollar, or thousand dollar, or million dollar prizes while I've gotten exactly jack squat? Short answer: I d…
New Legislation Changes Illinois' Concealed-Carry Law
DEKALB, Ill. (AP) — Legislation took effect earlier this month that aims to clarify ambiguities in Illinois' concealed-carry law.
Some of the areas the bill focuses on are privacy, mental illness and dealing with law enforcement. It seeks to address issues that have been discovered since I…

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