If you live in Illinois, it's an unwritten rule that at some point each summer, you need to go someplace in Wisconsin. It doesn't matter if you're going there for vacation, a concert, a festival, or a ball game, it's inevitable that at some point you will find yourself crossing the border into the Cheese State.

I also think it's safe to say that many of these Northern excursions involve family, friends, and eating at restaurants, right? Whenever you travel with a large group of all ages, it's often difficult to find a place to eat that everyone will enjoy.  A pizza place is usually a great choice, but what if I told you there is a pizza place in Wisconsin that features a 120-FOOT PIZZA BUFFET?!?

A Pizza Paradise Awaits at StoneFire Pizza Company in New Berlin, Wisconsin

If you find yourself in the Milwaukee area this summer, you have to make a stop at StoneFire Pizza Company in New Berlin, WI, (which is located less than 20 minutes from Milwaukee). Here are a few reasons why...

They have an arcade with rides, games, and other cool things for kids and adults... 

They have bounce houses and a Ninja course...


and they have FOOD, including their 120-foot long Luxury Buffet!


These few reasons just scrape the surface of all the fun that your family can have at StoneFire Pizza Company. I highly recommend you check out their website for the full list of attractions, activities, and food available at StoneFire, so you can start planning your trip!

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