Every Wednesday we get a visit with our friend Dan from GoRockford.com. Dan stops by to let us know what to do over the weekend.

During today's visit, Dan let us know about a Cat Show that was being held at Forest Hills Lodge over the weekend. I was intrigued to say the least. A cat show sounds wild. I asked him a few more questions about it and was only more intrigued. I stated that I had to find out more about this cat show.

Then when we got off air I saw that I had an email from a listener telling me how great the cat show is and then gave me 12 reasons why she loved it so much.

I have to admit that I might be even more intrigued by this cat show. Let's go through listener Sharon's reasons why to go to this year's Cat Show being held at Forest Hills Lodge this Saturday and Sunday.

1.  Walk around and see all the cats--there are many varieties of cats--Maine Coons seem to be very popular, but depending on who comes, there are Siamese, Himalayans, Ruddy Abyssians, British Folds, Munchkins, and many other breeds that I can't remember the names of.
I have no idea what the different breeds of cats are. I see this being a great way to learn.
2.  Pet the cats.  Some owners (who often call themselves "parents") will allow you to pet one of their show cats and answer your questions about their "babies."
I'm not a big fan of pet owners calling themselves parents, but if you want to, that's your choice. I would love to pick the brains of some of these owners. Sounds great so far.
3.  Shudder and be somewhat disturbed when you see the hairless cats (if someone brings some to show). Imagine that cat snuggling up to you during the night while you're sleeping...!!!
We don't bald-shame here at WROK, but I agree with Sharon that these cats do give me the heebie-jeebies.
4.  Envy the cat cages, which are fixed up like resorts!
Now I kind of have to see how these cats are living.
5.  Be lucky enough to be there when a cat escapes.  An alarm sounds, and no one is allowed to leave until the cat is captured and returned to his/her palace/cage.  It's thrilling, especially if the escapee races by you.
This honestly sounds electric. Have you ever tried to catch a cat that didn't want to be caught? Impossible. I can see people being trapped in there for hours because Fifi won't come down off a bookcase, sign me up for a cat escape 100 times out of 100.
6.  Decide which breed you like best.  I have always made fun of Ruddy Abysinians because Garfield (cartoon cat) made fun of them. But when I actually saw them in person, i thought they were incredibly beautiful.
Didn't know there would be Garfield cats there, this thing just keeps getting better and better.
7.  Sit in on the judging, which goes on all day.  Each event lasts around 20 minutes, and it's really interesting.  You can pick out the cat that YOU think should win, and your selection will probably place last unless you really understand what makes up the "perfect cat."  (I don't.) 
Um, can you say gambling opportunity? I'd love to take some action on which cat gets best in show. There should be official betting lines.
8.  Talk to the judges when they aren't busy.  They will tell you all about your favorite cat breeds and you will marvel at the science behind the judging.
I don't want, but need to talk to a cat judge about a lot of things.
9.  Do not miss the "Household Pet" division if you only have time to see one judging event.  Many of these cats were "rescue cats" and some have very touching stories (found in a garbage can by a garbage collector, etc.")  
I think it's pretty cool that they let some rando cats compete as well. It's not all about bloodlines at the Cat Show.
10.  Buy a supply of "Cat stuff," including toys, treats, food, etc. for your pet cat, but also tshirts, knicknacks, posters, etc. Bring some cash. 
I don't have a cat so I won't be doing any of this. Unless there's a must have shirt which as I'm typing this, I realize there probably is.
11.  Contribute to the Humane Society (or whatever animal protection agency is collecting donations at the cat show).
Do this. Humane societies are incredible organizations.
12.  Go back to the snack bar and buy a sandwich, sit down and eat it, and remember the time when your high school prom or your friend's wedding reception was held at the Forest Hills Lodge--it's such a Rockford-area classic and has changed little in the last 50 years!  I hope they never remodel it.
There's a concession stand as well!! They've thought of everything.
There you go, 12 reasons to hit up this weekend's Cat Show at Forest Hills Lodge. If you see Sharon, say hi. And make sure you get plenty of pictures because this whole thing seems pretty awesome.

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