I'm not really sure when it happened, I'd like to think it was when The Little Mermaid hit theaters back in 1989, but women have become obsessed with becoming mermaids.

They flood their Facebook news feed with mermaid quotes like, "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid; then always be a mermaid;" and sport their "Mermaids have more fun" t-shirts; but I wonder, have they given any thought to what life would really be like as an actual mermaid?

Imagine days filled with tangled, wet sea hair, sore abs from body rolls that propel your sequined tail through the depths of the ocean and scaly skin, not the pretty mermaid kind, from the salt water.  Still want to be a mermaid?

Well, you can now actually see if you're cut out for a life under the sea with mermaid swim classes at Aquamermaid in Chicago.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, for just $60 your dream of being Ariel can finally come true. You'll get a tail, a mono-fin for your feet and a lesson that teaches you basic techniques, synchronized swimming, underwater tricks and fin high fives.

Look at class, isn't it neat, wouldn't it make your life of wanting to be a mermaid complete?

Grab some girlfriends, girl scouts or your swim team and head to Aquamermaid for a class, even a party; and for you die hard mermaid wannabes, you can even purchase your tail from your lesson. Book your event and shop here.

How fun does this look?