Rockford is trying to clean up the Madison Street corridor and you can help shed some light on the project. 

Downtown Rockford has come a long way over the last decade. One area that has deteriorated has been the Madison Street corridor. Part of the reason for it's decline was the removal of street lights to save taxpayers some money.

According to Kelly Nokes, City of Rockford Public Works, "The reduction program ended up saving over $500,000 a year for the citizens of Rockford." Unfortunately the removal plunged the area into darkness and has allowed crime to proliferate over the past few years.

This is where you come in. The city and surrounding shops are already investing in the area to rebuild the Madison Street corridor and they are looking for help in lighting the area.

The cost of sponsoring a streetlight will only be $15-20 dollars a month and you'll be helping make Rockford a better and safer place. For more information contact the Rock River Development Partnership at