We all have a favorite condiment, but we couldn't have predicted that this one has it's own Illinois fest.

Horseradish. Neither horse nor radish. It's not everyone's favorite food, but if it's yours, there is an entire festival devoted to it that's just a few hours away from Rockford.

The 2016 International Horseradish Festival is happening June 6 and June 7 in Collinsville, Illinois, at Woodland Park.

What can you expect at the fest?

Let's start with the horseradish itself. There will be freshly grated horseradish that is only made once a year for the festival.

Next, what's there for the kids? There are bounce houses, a fishing derby and maybe your favorite little girl can win the coveted Little Miss Horseradish Festival crown.

There's also a 5K, an arts and crafts fair, a root toss, a Bloody Mary contest and more. Even if you're not a horseradish lover, this festival seems to have something fun for everyone.

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