There are tons of great concert venues in Illinois, large and small. A majority of these venues can and will take a gamble, hosting acts that some part of the population would view as "controversial." The mystery surrounding these acts can help sell tickets just on name alone. But would an Illinois venue take on this level of controversy? Hiring a man that spend years and years behind bars, for trying to shoot and kill a President of the United States?

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John Hinckley Jr. is the man that tried to shoot and kill President Ronald Regan, to impress actress Jodi Foster. NYTIMES

Now that Mr. Hinckley is a free man after being found guilty back in 1981, is ready to "rock and roll" and wants to play concerts. A concert venue in Brooklyn, NY booked him to play at show at their place, the "Market Hotel." The venue SOLD OUT and people hurried to buy their tickets to see this nut job in person.

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Now the venue is having a change or heart, and cancelled to concert. I wonder if they caught any heat from the highest office of power in the United States of America?

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A message from the "Market Hotel" in Brooklyn about the suddenly cancelled show:

“It is not worth a gamble on the safety of our vulnerable communities to give a guy a microphone and a paycheck from his art who hasn’t had to earn it, who we don’t care about on an artistic level, and who upsets people in a dangerously radicalized, reactionary climate.”

Dude, let's get down to this...Yes controversy creates cash. The morbid fantasies of people purchased tickets. Let's call a spade a spade, someone would attack and attempt to injure or even kill him. Tell me I'm wrong.

I'm sure other venues will attempt this. Would an Illinois concert venue take this gamble?

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