I admire anyone who runs but this I REALLY admire. Running barefoot and breaking two Guinness record while doing it like this Woodstock man did.

Can you imagine running a marathon barefoot? I'm not a great runner, but I think I would want all the support and cushion on my feet I could get when running 5K or even farther.

Not so for Woodstock resident and podiatrist nurse, Sonny Molina. He found running barefoot was better on his hips and knees and hamstrings. In shoes he said he had constant pain from running.

His journey to running began "five years ago when some friends from California challenged him to run a marathon. Molina accepted, starting with 5Ks, 10Ks and two half-marathons."

Fast forward to today, Sonny now has broken not just one but two Guinness World Records from his barefoot running.

The Northwest Herald reports that Sonny has received the honor from the guinness Book of World Records for "running the most half-marathons (18) in a month (30 days) and for running the most half-marathons in consecutive days (11)" all done in his bare feet.

Molina said he's already is planning to go for "more Guinness records next year: Most barefoot marathons on consecutive days, most barefoot marathons in a month and most barefoot half-marathons carrying a 20-pound backpack."

Honestly, all I can say is WOW! I am in total awe of this.

Good luck to you Sonny continue to push those boundaries. Plus, working for an orthopedic surgeon, as you run bare feet, is actually a really good thing for you.