Reunions between members of the military and their families are always a beautiful thing, but, add in the family dog and you've made it even sweeter.

Woodstock, Illinois' own Zack Vohaska, an Army pilot, returned home recently after a 6-month deployment in Afghanistan.

Zack and his family decided to surprise their dog Buddy, a Golden Retriever, by having Zack hide on the couch under a pile of pillows and blankets.

Would Buddy notice, or was Zack going to be stuck on the couch for hours on end until the dog figured things out?

Zack didn't have to wait long to be discovered by a soon-to-be elated canine.

I wish I had some of the video taken by the family to share with you, but a similar reunion will have to do:

Then, if you've got a little more time, there are these:

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