A weekend trip to Wisconsin Dells led to one of the most breathtaking yet terrifying places I've ever visited.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The photo above doesn't look like anything special but, like us, the true beauty lies beneath what you see. Near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin you will find Cave of the Mounds, an incredibly educational experience for all ages to enjoy.

(Note: The experience is amazing and terrifying at the same time.)

Let me explain.

Google Street View
Google Street View

First of all, if you are claustrophobic (like I am) understand you will be going up to 57 feet below ground and making your way through some tight spaces.

The tight spaces didn't last too long but enough to crank up the anxiety and build up a sweat on my brow. You'll understand in one of the photos below.


  • South End Collapse 42 feet
  • Onyx Ridge 48 feet
  • North Cave 57 feet
  • North End Collapse 43 feet
  • Bypass Tunnel 40 feet

Not all spaces are tight though, so claustrophobes will be fine.

Inside the cave, formed from limestone, is visually stunning and creates wonder.

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Some of those most frequently asked questions will be answered in the photos below. You're going to want to check this place out if you have yet to do so.

Peek inside Wisconsin's most beautiful, yet terrifying nationa natural landmark, Cave of the Mounds

A map, admission information, and more about Cave of the Mounds can be found here.

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