Sometimes reading the entire story will grab ya...right where is hurts. SG

Pamela Hammersley was convicted of sexual assault after an ex-boyfriend gave her a ride home, and Pamela wanted a little more.

Pam was drunk, and called her ex-boyfriend Troy for a ride home from the bar:

“because she was very drunk, he was sober, and she needed a ride home." 

Seems legit so far, right? O.k. hold on to your...this story is about to get weird.

While riding shotgun, Pamela decided to help Troy. Troy wasn't having it, and wanted no part of the "offer." Clothing items became unzipped, and Troy told officers he refused because:

 "there were people around and it was not the right time.” - Troy

Angered by being rejected by Troy, the next move was not a good one. Pam tried to BITE Troy, you know where. Ouch! She also threw his car into reverse, and grabbed to steering when several times and almost caused them to hit a parked car and a tree! Oh she also tried to get out of the moving car. Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Well, Pam didn't get what she wanted. Troy almost has a bite taken out of him, and the cops were called to solve this bizarre scene. Imagine this officer..."Now explain what happened again?"

Turns out the grabby and bitey Pamela got 30 days of a work release program...$343 in court costs and had to replace her ex's transmission...Yikes. Hands to yourself, lady.

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