Just when you thought playing fantasy sports was a dead-end situation.

Fine, maybe it's just me. As a long-time fantasy sports player, and after having one of my worst years in recent memory, I kind of thought winning big playing fantasy sports just isn't in the cards.

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However, one Wisconsin dude is enjoying the rewards from putting together the absolute perfect lineup together and scoring a cool $1.1M.

Here's how Will Hsu, from Wausau, Wisconsin made it happen.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald and shared by Channel 3000, Hsu "won the money in a game hosted by website DraftKings."

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That's wild. It hasn't been reported as to whether or not it was a season-long or just a one-week win for Hsu but you can't deny that's a massive payday just for playing fantasy sports.

If you're looking to be like Hsu and win a million bucks playing fantasy football, apparently it's easy to do. Yeah, sure.

Seriously, Fanbuzz put together a 7 Simple Steps to Winning Your Fantasy League list. Some of the steps include putting together a great team name, creating a rivalry, and talking as much trash as possible.

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Neither of those will help you win a fantasy league.

Here's what will help you win a fantasy league: a good draft, playing the waiver wire, and luck.

Honestly, having good luck is probably the most important thing you can have in order to win your fantasy league.

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As far as Hsu is concerned, he's taking some of his luck and paying it forward.

Wausau Daily Herald via Channel 3000:

Hsu says the win was a once-in-a-lifetime thrill and he plans to donate about a quarter of the money to charity, including the University of Wisconsin, the Wausau church his family attends and the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.

Doing a good deed with your fantasy winnings probably leads to more "luck" for future fantasy competitions. Just saying.

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