This Wisconsin fella, is something special. Like you hang out and he shows up and everyone sarcastically goes, "well look who's's Daniel." (eye rolls, head shakes)

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Daniel Thomas Hanson was presented with his 19th DUI as he was taking a drive through Minnesota...going the wrong way on southbound Interstate 35. Dude, seriously. BRING

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When the officer's stopped the vehicle (before a crash thank god) he has blood shot eyes, slurred speech and an open bottle of vodka.

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Daniel's breath test registered a breath-alcohol concentration of 0.238, nearly three times the legal limit.

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There's all kinds of trouble after this fella was pulled over. First off, his 19th DUI. 10 in Minnesota, 8 in Wisconsin. He was obviously driving with a cancelled drivers license. Plus with "his" vehicle(s) it's supposed to have an interlock device, which he is required to have installed on any vehicle he operates.  This dude is in a crap load of trouble.

Hand in jail

Here are the charges against Mr. Hanson:

Two counts of DWI

Two counts of driving with a canceled license

One charge for violating Minnesota's open bottle law



He was jailed on $100,000 bail. Wow, that's a lot! No more vodka for Daniel for a while.

Seriously, 19 DUI's...that is some kind of terrible record, right?  The fact that he spread them out though, 10 in one state and 8 in another. How and why he kept getting behind the wheel...insane.

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