A good nap is a key to a good day, in my opinion. I have to nap at least twice a week or I am a bear by the weekend. Maybe this is the case for a man from Avon Township in Wisconsin?

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Naps can occur for different reasons, maybe you're sick, bored, overtired, hungover, still drunk? The latter is the story for this guy in Wisconsin.

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Before we jump to too many conclusions it is medically proven that naps (sleeping) can help your body get rid of the alcohol in your system.


Nope, but we can certainly question the location for which he chose to take a nap.

This man chose the wrong place to nap. We could assume he passed out but there's not evidence of that. The police, however, were smart enough to figure out the man had engaged in his snoozefest immediately after driving.

When the party is over.
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The Rock County Sheriff's Office received a call, sent some deputies out to investigate, and that's where it went downhill for the potential serial napper.

Rock County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called Monday at 4:21 p.m. to the 17000 block of Highway 81 area in Avon Township where they found John H. Nafzger, who was intoxicated, lying next to a car in a driveway.

It was 4:21 in the afternoon on a Monday. If a "case of the Monday's" wasn't the reason for him being so drunk, this certainly would make a case to drink. (Obviously, that is not a good idea for this individual.)

Here's the full news report.

[Note: The driveway in the photo above is not the driveway where this incident occurred, it's merely a picture of a driveway.]

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