Props to Wisconsin for proposing the most stereotypical bill ever. 

WREX - The proposal unveiled Wednesday calls for lowering the drinking age from the current minimum of 21 only is Wisconsin would not lose its federal highway funds. A federal law passed in 1984 penalized states with a reduction in federal highway money if they didn't have a minimum drinking age of 21.

Now it sounds like the likelihood of this bill actually passing is pretty low. I don't see them getting an exemption on a federal law anytime soon. BUT....

It makes total sense. I mean it's Wisconsin. I hate to paint with a really broad brush but I have yet to meet someone from north of the border that hasn't been drinking since their early teens. It's what they do and they're good at it.

It's also always been a little weird that you can join the military, vote, and buy cigarettes at 18 but we don't trust you to drink for 3 more years. It just doesn't vibe.

Good luck Wisconsin. Teenagers all over the Stateline can't wait to go to Beloit to drink their first legal beer.

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