Every second counts when someone is having a cardiac arrest. 

Previously 9-1-1 operators weren't allowed to give CPR instruction over the phone for fear that someone would do it improperly and that would open themselves up to lawsuits.

Governor Scott Walker has signed a bill into law that will allow trained CPR instructors to guide people through the process over the phone.

Assembly Bill 654  This legislation requires that a Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) either have dispatchers trained to give telephone CPR instructions, or to transfer the call to another PSAP that has the trained dispatchers who can. Authored by Senator Jerry Petrowski (R—Marathon) and Representative Treig Pronschinske (R—Mondovi) the bill passed the Assembly on a vote of 95-0 and was concurred by the Senate on a vote of 32-0. It is Act 296.

This is an obvious common sense bill that will hopefully save some lives.

To be honest the main reason I wanted to write about this was to include my favorite clip from The Office. Not only is it hilarious but you can actually learn something from it. Who knew the Bee Gees could save a life.

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