This place just outside of Madison would be the perfect location for any number of gatherings.

I've honestly never played an actual game of wiffleball. I've thrown a wiffleball and I've tried to hit one with the plastic bat just messing around the backyard with friends when I was little but I never got to play a real game of wiffleball.

I've watched probably at least 100 hours of guys doing incredible stuff on the wiffleball field and kind of regretted that I never got into it. It looks like a lot of fun.

All that could change with a short ride up to Madison with a few friends.

Rookies is the name of the bar in Mazomanie (MAH-zo-mah-nee? May-ZO-mah-nee? May-zo-main? I have no idea), just a little west of Madison and their baseball-loving owner constructed a full-sized regulation wiffleball field right on the back of the bar.

EDIT: I missed it the first time I watched the first video. The host says may-zuh-MAY-nee and she looks trustworthy.

The owner of the bar is Steve Schmitt and he also happens to own the Madison Mallards, the minor league club in the Dairy State's capital. The entire bar is decked out in baseball memorabilia.

Do you or your kids not like baseball? Then play some kickball. Plenty of options. The whole thing is pretty reasonably priced as well. It's only $50 an hour during the week and $100 an hour on the weekend. If you get 5-10 people together, or more, and that gets affordable pretty fast.

Don't get this confused with the chain of Rookies in the suburbs. I'm going to be nice here, but those places aren't anywhere near as cool as nice as this place looks. Nothing against the suburban chain of sports bars, I've spent many an hour at one, I've just usually regretted it.

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