Yesterday, despite my morbid curiosity, I forced myself to do one thing when I left work: stay off my phone and avoid social media. Seeing the photos of the Orlando shooter in my Facebook news feed and all the rhetoric on gun control, blah blah, just got to be too much for me. Like a lot of people yesterday, I just needed time to find some joy.

After a good workout, a few hours with the dogs outside and a nap, I was feeling refreshed and relaxed; I decided to quickly scroll through my Facebook news feed to look for topics to talk about on the Steve Shannon Show and finally, wouldn't you know it, I did find some joy in this horrible tragedy.  Stories about the heroes at Pulse, where the shooting took place, were starting to emerge. I clicked on one, and then another and another.

That's when I came across Dr. Joshua Langford's story; according to WREX, he's a graduate from Winnebago High School and he's one of the many surgeons at the Orlando Regional Medical Center that treated 44 victims as of Monday.

Langford's sister told WREX that he personally operated on 14 victims and all have survived. She says, "The bright spot was he said that all of the patients who did make it to surgery are still alive. A woman posted on his Facebook page thanked Josh for being one of the helpers in this horrible tragedy."

Yes, thank you Dr. Langford; this is the news and a name we should be sharing with our friends and family. God bless you and the rest of the doctors and nurses at the Orlando Regional Medical Center; you've done an incredible job and you've made the Stateline area proud.