Technology is great -- until you end up on the unemployment line.

There's a new website that's getting some attention because it shows the chances that your job will one day be taken over by cyborgs. Appropriately enough, it's called Will Robots Take My Job?

Like most things involving good technological advances, the site is pretty user-friendly. All you have to do is type in your job, hit "enter" and then brace yourself to read the data, as occupations associated with the one you searched for come up. For instance, you could type in "waiter" and it will show "waiter and waitress" has a 94% chance of being taken over by robots.

Now, you know that after you type in your profession, you're going to kill some time by typing in other occupations. Let's get a jump on that, shall we?

  • Cashier - 97%
  • Garbageman - 93%
  • Retail salesperson - 92%
  • Janitor - 66%
  • Reporter - 48%
  • Actors - 37%
  • Police and sheriff's patrol officer - 10%
  • Chef - 10%
  • Farmer - 5%
  • Pharmacist - 1%
  • Teacher - less than 1%

The data used by the site comes from a 2013 report from the University of Oxford, says Mashable. Perhaps, then, it's only fitting that the site is a kind of robot, wouldn't you agree?

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