White Sox fans just hope their team can rise to the top of the standings like this. 

NOTE: Because my workplace doesn't allow us to browse gambling websites at work, I can't do much research on where this graph came from. You can try checking out the website here. 

According to this graph, White Sox fans spend the second highest amount of money on alcohol per game at $46 per game and drink more drinks per game than any other fan base at 4.2 drinks per game.

Cub fans by contrast are getting ripped off at Wrigley field. They spend on average just a dollar less per game at $45 per game but get almost one full drink less per game at 3.4 drinks a game.

I'm VARY wary of infographics that look like they were only made for me to click on and share. Don't get me wrong, it's a great way to encourage social engagement for your website, they just aren't always based on the best science.

I mention this because there is one part of this graph that just doesn't add up. The White Sox in first makes sense. Chicago baseball fans like to drink beer. Guaranteed Rate is easily one of the best parks to drink in. Plenty of room on the concourse to order and a surprisingly good selection of beers.

The Cubs in the middle of the pack makes sense as well. I assume people drink a little less during day games and I would also assume that they draw more family outings to Wrigley than Guaranteed Rate.

Then you take a look at last place and something just doesn't seem right.



The Phillies are in last place and their fans only spend 23 bucks a game on booze?

The same city that has a literal drunk jail inside one of its stadiums?

The city that booed Santa Claus?

The same city that is known for throwing batteries at players?

There are only 2 explanations for this:

  1. It's wrong
  2. Phillies fans are either stealing the alcohol or sneaking it in at a high rate.

Good news for White Sox fans. Not only does your team look stacked and ready to make some noise but Mayor Lightfoot said that she expects to have fans back in baseball stadiums "at some point this season." It's time to defend your title.


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