Now and then, adults like to partake in some adult beverages. What cities in Illinois and Wisconsin have too much fun? came out recently with a list of the each states drunkest city. I am going  to touch on Illinois and Wisconsin.

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Let's start with the Land Of Lincoln. All ten of the metro areas in Illinois have a higher drinking rate than the rest of the United States. There is one city that tops them all and it is not Chicago. It is Bloomington, Illinois. The city that is a straight shot from Rockford on I-39 have over 22% of adults either binge drink or drink like a sailor the last few months.

Bloomington is home to a smaller university called Illinois Wesleyan. Illinois State University is located in Normal, so it is somewhat of a surprise that Bloomington is tops on the list. Bloomington is also home to the headquarters of State Farm, which is a stretch to use that as an excuse.

Mile of Music in Appleton, Wis., goes a long way for great music
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Now we head up north to Wisconsin. This is the only state in the country that has more adults drinking. That honor goes to North Dakota (Insert Joke Here)

On a prior list, Beloit made it to number 16 on the drunkest cities list. They are not the top dog. That honor goes to Appleton, Wisconsin.

26.8% of adults reported excessive drinking. The sad fact that comes along with that is driving deaths related to alcohol. 30.3% of driving deaths in Appleton are caused by alcohol, which is lower than seven other cities.

Whether you live in Illinois or Wisconsin, please be safe if you are going to be drinking this holiday season. We want to see you here in 2017.


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