This morning, on the WROK Morning Show, Joe Dredge and I discussed Rockford's chances for a "White Christmas." As it stands right now, we've got (at best) a 50% chance of seeing at least a dusting before next Monday. Other places have already received more than we get here in two years.

And, by other places, I mean Redfield, New York in particular. Why Redfield? Because they've just been given the temporary title of New York's (and the nation's) snowiest town. So far this season, they've gotten over 83 inches of snow.

From USA Today:

And it's the usual places: the tiny town of Redfield in Oswego County is leading the state with 82.6 inches of snow as of Friday.

So at this rate, Redfield is on pace for its second straight national recognition: Last year it won the USA Today Network's first annual Golden Snowdrift Award after getting 350.5 inches of snow — which equals more than 29 feet.

“There are certain areas of New York that get more snow than others," said meteorologist Christina Speciale of the National Weather Service. "Those spots usually are by Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and that’s due to lake effect snow.”

You read that right. Last year, Redfield's citizens found themselves buried under 350.5 inches of snow!

From last year:

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