They're bringing back Space Jam and it might be one of the best drive-in experiences of the summer.

There are two types of movies that are perfect for drive-ins. Movies that you've seen a dozen times and already know all the plot and catching every line of dialogue isn't necessarily important. OR movies that might not require dedicated attention to detail to follow the plot.

We've already had one mindless blockbuster hit the drive-ins this summer in Fast and Furious 9, a movie that barely had any dialogue and Space Jam: A New Legacy looks to be following in that mold.

I don't remember much about the original Space Jam other than the fact that I was excited to see it. I think Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny had to beat some aliens in a game of basketball to save the world, maybe even the universe. And Bill Murray was in it as well.

I'm sure the new Space Jam will be just as deep plot-wise and will look great on the big screen while you and your family watch in lawn chairs in front of your car. It will be a great night.

Space Jam will be at 3 of the 5 drive-ins within 100 miles of Rockford.

Here are the double features for the weekend of July 16th.

SkyVu Drive in - Monroe, Wi 

The SkyVu will be sticking with Black Widow this week after a successful opening week for the Marvel movie.

Then they keep the strong female lead theme going with Disney's Cruella.

Midway Drive in - Sterling, IL

The Midway Drive-in in Sterling will also be playing Black Widow but will be showing the thriller A Quiet Place 2 to complete the double feature.

The other three drive-ins in the area will all be playing the brand new Space Jam movie

But then will all be showing something different for the double feature.

McHenry Drive-in - McHenry, IL

McHenry will be showing the Alec Baldwin animated vehicle Boss Baby 2 for some reason.

Rt. 34 Drive-In - Mendota, Il

They will be playing the latest monster movie mash-up Godzilla vs. Kong. It's not great but a lot of fun to watch if that makes sense.

Highway 18 Drive-in - Jefferson, WI

They will be playing one of the more inspired selections of the weekend with the 1980s classic Goonies being shown after Space Jam.

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