School report cards for 2017 have been issued and there's a lot of data to pour through. 

You can sift through all the files at this website. It's honestly pretty interesting. You can find quite a bit of information about every public school in the state from ethnicity breakdown to average teacher salary. It's easy to waste an hour or so pouring through the numbers, I know I did.

ACT scores are only one indication of how well a school is doing but it's a simple number that can be easily ranked. Boylan isn't included in the reports because they are a private school. Any guesses on how the schools ranked?

If it's been awhile since you took the test I'll remind you that it's comprised of 4 separate tests and the highest score is 36. It varies from school to school but 19 seems to be the minimum requirement for admission to most state schools.

Here they are from highest to lowest:

  1. Hononegah - 23.6
  2. Belvidere North - 21.9
  3. Harlem - 21.7
  4. Belvidere - 20.8
  5. Auburn - 20.5
  6. Freeport - 18.7
  7. Guilford - 18.5
  8. East - 18.2
  9. Jefferson - 17.7

Congrats to Hononegah for being at the head of the class in 2017. Keep up the good work and good luck to all area students preparing themselves for college.

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