High speed chases could be a thing of the past in the province of Ontario.

CBC - A small number of OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) vehicles are now equipped with a "GPS projecting launching system"... The projectiles are roughly the size of soup cans and are fired from the front grille (sic) of police vehicles. If it hits the mark, the projectile will attach to the targeted vehicle. At that point... the vehicle is tracked remotely and avoiding the need for a high-speed chase.

I've always been a big James Bond fan. RIP Timothy Dalton Roger Moore. Favorite part was whenever Q busted out all the toys. The crown jewel of all the toys was always the car.

Shooting things out of your car with a push of a button sounds fun. Whether it be missiles, caltrops, or an oil slick, it always looked fun. That also probably explains why I was obsessed with the Twisted Metal franchise on Playstation.

But these things the Ontario police are driving around with are some real life car projectiles. I know that they're supposed to be used to cut down on highway chases but how can you not fire one of these at your buddy as you're pulling into the station. Probably wouldn't even get in trouble. Looks like they are probably reusable. Just tell the Captain that your finger slipped. This is one of the MANY reasons why I could never be a cop. Too many cool toys.

Hope these things catch on because I feel like we're way behind on car mounted projectiles. 007 lied to me again.

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