If you noticed a green wristband adorning Kyle Schwarber's wrist, and wonder what's with that? Well here's the reason why. Honestly, it'll make you appreciate him even more.

Seriously, I'm telling you ladies it'll make you say "Aww.. he's a sweet and awesome guy."

WGN reports that Kyle wears it for a young fan he met two years at Spring Training name Campbell Faulkner who has a mitochondrial disease.

Campbell's disease makes it difficult and a "struggle to stand and walk for long periods of time."

Schwarber said "he is inspired by how Campbell always has a smile on his face even though he has so much to overcome."

Aww, Wow! See I told you it will make you love him. He's a guy that has a great heart.

Plus, I think I can see that same since of strength in Kyle too, when you think about it. Look what he had to overcome this season. He tore his ALC in his left knee at the beginning of the season, but he preserved and kept pushing. All of that paid off because he's back with his team and getting some great hits in the World Series. That is awesome.