This week's episode is Exercise Is Medicine. 

You want energy? Dr. Michalsen has it. He is a doctor of family and sports medicine for MercyHealth in Cherry Valley.

Dr. Michalsen is a local guy. His parents went to East and he is a graduate of Keith Country Day. He spent his undergrad at the University of Miami where he saw the Hurricanes win a national title in football. I imagine he was blasting this non-stop.

Great song.

I played that because the energy of that song is there when Dr. Michalsen speaks. He has a lot of energy and just seems like the kind of guy that's going to win. It's definitely one of the common traits in all our guests on What's Up, Doc? Wonderful bedside manner. These medical professionals are great at getting their message across in a friendly and accessible way.

Dr. Michalsen's message today was all about exercise.

We obviously all know that we need to get some exercise. There are some misconceptions out there. Dr. Michalsen talked about the obsession with metrics not necessarily being the right way to approach exercise. He says not to worry so much about the number of steps you get a day or how high your heart rate gets. Instead, people should just focus on getting at least 150 minutes of activity a week. Anything, from a brisk walk to a full workout counts. We just need to get out and move.

Everyone should take a listen to the whole interview. His enthusiasm is infectious and motivating.

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