Usually, I like to consider myself an appreciator of history, but today I learned about Wisconsin's 'Man Mound' National Historic Landmark, and my mind is completely baffled.

Wisconsin's Man Mound National Historic Landmark

Thanks to, I now know that the next time I'm heading up to my family's cabin in Wisconsin, I will now be stopping in Baraboo instead of just driving by the exit. Here's why...

Man Mound via Facebook
Man Mound via Facebook

Located just East of Baraboo in Greenfield, Wisconsin you will a large mound of dirt shaped like a man that historians believe was made somewhere between 750 and 1200 AD. The Man Mound is an impressive sight from the air, but much less noticeable on land.

In 2016 the Man Mound effigy was declared a National Historic Landmark, and many efforts have been made over the years to preserve its shape and appearance, but there was one major oversight...someone built a road right through the legs!

(At least they took the time to paint the shape of the legs on the road so the original design was still intact).

What Makes Man Mound So Special?

Besides its age, size (214 feet long by 48 feet wide!) and the painstaking time it likely took to create it, Man Mound is the only human-shaped mound known to still be in existence in North America according to Historians are certain Man Mound was created as an effigy, but they are not sure if human remains lie within the mound somewhere.

If you want to check out Man Mound Park next time you're near Baraboo or the Wisconsin Dells, the park's address is; E13085 Man Mound Road.

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