Illinois is littered with small towns across its farmland. 

My uncle lived in one of those small towns for a while. Troxel, Illinois. I think it might actually be a township, I'm not sure if that's cheating or not but Google Maps knows where it is and it (kind of) has a sign, so I'm counting it as a town.  I spent the night there a couple of times and realized the other day that I might have slept in one of the smallest towns in the whole state.

Before we take a look at population let's get a feel on where this is in the state.

Hey Google, show me Troxel Illinois:



Enhance one more time

It's basically one street that has a couple of houses on it.

I texted my uncle to ask him what he thought the population was. It got specific:

Considering Dave was once the unofficial mayor of Troxel, I'm going to trust his guess.

So my number is sitting at 15 people. Have you slept somewhere smaller?

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