Pop or Soda? Sneakers or Tennis Shoes? Fountain or Bubbler? It seems like we all have different words for common things. 

If there's one thing that the internet loves to do is debate about stupid things. I like it when people draw a line in the sand about absolutely unimportant stuff.

That's why I'm surprised that I haven't ever seen Twitter or Facebook get up in arms in what you call the little strip of grass in your front lawn. You know the one between the sidewalk and street?

I've done a little informal poll of my own and found that the descriptor varies wildly within our own building.

I've always referred to as "parking." Riley initially called it the "terrace" then remembered that his dad called it the "right-of-way." Others in the building have offered up "easement" and "median."

This apparently isn't an isolated incident to us here in Illinois. The Wikipedia entry for "Road Verge" has about 40 suggestions.

I want to take this to the people. I took all the suggestions that Wikipedia identified as from Illinois.  What do you call it?

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