So, let's say you win yourself one thousand dollars. How? Maybe...oh, I don't know...maybe you won a cool radio contest. What could you get here in the Rockford area with that kind of windfall? Here's a couple of ideas:

  • You could visit Anderson Japanese Gardens 125 times ($8.00 non-member rate)
  • You could play 18 holes at Aldeen Golf Course 37 times ($27.00 resident weekday rate)
  • You could spend a day at Magic Waters 62 times ($16.00 resident weekday rate)
  • You could play the Volcano course at Volcano Falls 133 times ($7.50 rate for 18 holes)
  • You could catch 38 Rockford IceHog games ($26.00 for lower level sideline seat)
  • You could see "The Jungle Book" in IMAX 63 times at Showplace 16 ($15.79 rate, 6:50pm showtime)
  • You could donate the entire amount to me for getting up each morning at 3:15 to entertain you, even though I am obviously highly "compensated" for my "efforts" (just seeing if you were still paying attention)

However, you can't do any of those things (unless it's totally coming out of your pocket) without winning that cool radio contest I referred to above.

How about some details?