With this many people upset, maybe Wendy's should add this item back to the menu.

If I had to pick one fast food menu item that I would cry over it would be Panera's cream of chicken with wild rice.

Hungover? Cold? Exhausted? Lonely? I'm telling ya, a bowl of cream of chicken will fix your problems. It's available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and Panera will hear from me if they ever change that.

Wendy's obviously had some die hard spicy nugget fans, because OMG the twitter rage after they were nixed from the menu.

In addition to the sadness and anger, there's even a trending topic... #FreeTheSpicyChickenNuggets.

My first reaction was, "calm down, people, it'll be ok," but then I thought about how I'd feel without cream of chicken... keep those tweets coming, spicy nugget lovers!

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