We had the joy of speaking with Rodney Smith Jr. 

Rodney is absolutely one of our favorite people of all time. He founded the Raising Men Lawn Care Service. Rodney travels the country. When he gets to a new state he takes a picture infront of the "Welcome To" sign and asks if there are any veterans, veteran widows, or elderly that need their lawn mowed, and then gets to it. He's currently in his fifth tour of the country, mowing at least one lawn in every state. Yes, even Alaska and Hawaii.

Youth can also sign up for his 50 Yard Challenge for free on his site. When they do, they are sent a white T-shirt, sunglasses and ear protection. For every 10 yards they mow, Rodney will send them a different color shirt representing how many yards they've mowed. Once someone mows 50 yards, Rodney personally delivers a new mower to the student.

I can't think of a better way to introduce your kid to volunteerism, plus they will come away with some really cool stories.

We really want to spread Rodney's message. Please share this. You can also sign up to get your yard mowed right there on the site.

Rodney's one of the good ones out there. People should be taking note.

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