As a kid, I always knew when it was tax time. Not by looking at the calendar, but by watching my dad's mood go sour for the week or so he spent spreading all his tax info on our dining room table.

It was always a good idea to avoid the dining room during this period. It was also a good idea to keep one's behavior on the up-and-up, because dad was already on the cranky side. No need to poke the hornet's nest.

Surprisingly enough, my dad is not the only guy who thought that tax-time sucks. Being a (mostly) grown-up myself, I would wholeheartedly agree with his assessment, and it turns out, according to a study by the gang at WalletHub, a whole lot of us hate this time of year.

Some of WalletHub's findings:

  • 27% of us would get an "IRS" tattoo to guarantee a "tax-free future." 11% would clean toilets at Chipotle. 8% would name their child "taxes," and 4% would "kill someone if they knew they wouldn't be caught" to keep taxes out of their life.
  • 35% would rather have "a sex talk with the kids," and 13% would rather "spend a night in jail" than prepare their taxes. 8% would rather break their own arm than do tax prep.
  • 86% think that the IRS is necessary, but most feel it needs a lot of improvement. Only 14.4% think the IRS should be abolished.
  • 36% say their biggest tax-day fear is...making a mistake doing the math. 26% fear identity theft, while 19% are freaked out about being audited.

Check out WalletHub's full survey by clicking here.

And, if you're wondering which country takes the biggest helping of its citizens money...